Borderland Favorites

All entrees come with 1/2 lb of your choice of smoked meat, and one side.


Choice of ½ lb. of smoked meat laid onto four warm corn tortillas. Served with green salsa & House made BBQ sauce on the side.


Choice of smoked meat stuffed into a large fluffy flour tortilla with shredded Muenster cheese & grilled to crispy perfection. Served with green salsa & House made BBQ sauce on the side.


Choice of ½ lb. of smoked meat piled high onto a large bun topped with pickles & diced onions. Served with House made BBQ sauce on the side.


Choice of ½ lb. of smoked meat piled high onto four yeast rolls topped with pickles & diced onions. Served with House made BBQ sauce on the side.

Get loaded

For bigger appetites, or for those looking to share, try our Loaded items. Each comes topped with 1/2 lb of your choice of meat, queso, charro beans, diced onion, tomato, jalapeño, cilantro, and a torreado.

Nachos Rio Grande

Choice of smoked meat over a bed of house made tortilla chips topped with our Hatch green chili queso, Mary’s Charro Beans, diced jalapeño, onion, tomato, cilantro & one torreado jalapeño. Served with green salsa on the side.

Loaded Mackers

Choice of smoked meat over Hatch green chili Mac n cheese topped with Mary’s Charro Beans, diced  jalapeño, onion, tomato, cilantro & one torreado jalapeño. Served with green salsa on the side. And yes, you can add an egg!

Loaded Fries

A classic El Paso dish, get a big pile of fries topped with our house queso, 1/2 lb of your favorite meat, charro beans, diced onion, tomato, and jalapeño, and a torreado.

Loaded Mashers

Available for a limited time during green chili season, try our loaded mashers. We start with golden delicious potatoes, mashed with heavy cream, butter and salt, then we fold in fresh roasted Hatch green chili and asadero cheese. Choose your meat and topped off with queso, charro beans, and pico de gallo. You will not regret getting this, but others will envy you for not sharing.



Our brisket recipe isn’t a secret, we generously rub each whole brisket with our special blend of locally sourced spices which we then nestle into our seasoned smoker to cook for 14 hours with New Mexico pecan wood smoke. It’s fall apart tender, and has a tiny kick of spice because we use ground hatch chili instead of pepper. Get it on your favoirte entree or by the pound.

Smoked Carnitas

We take a pork butt rub it down with our secret blend of locally sourced spices which we then place into a deep pan and tuck it away into our seasoned smoker where the fat renders allowing the pork to crisp up in its own juices for 14 hours. So we don’t just call it “Pulled Pork” we call ours “Smoked Carnitas.”

Smoked Sausage

Some people call them gaggers, others call them franks, in the Borderland we call them Weenies. At Sunland Park BBQ Co. we’ve got big weenies. We get our sausages from Slovachek’s, a central Texas roadside staple located at the exact halfway point between Austin and Dallas. They are delicious on their own and go great as an add-on to any entree.

Smoked Chicken

First we dry rub our chicken and marinate over night, then we slow smoke our chicken, and when it’s just about done, we crank the heat so the skin is perfectly delectable. Makes for a perfect quesadilla or BBQ tacos, or have it as a platter and you’ll be in poultry nirvana.

Plain Jane

Cheese and veggies – vegetarian friendly!


Mary's Charro Beans

A local favorite, Mary’s Charro Beans are made from Grandma Mary’s recipe, slow cooked over night and flavored with a blend of pork, Jalapeño, NM Green Chilis (when in season) and fresh herbs. Even if you don’t like beans, you’ll love Mary’s Charro Beans.

Mama's Potato Salad

Don’t waste your money on that yellow stuff you get at the grocery store. Mama makes her potato salad from a combination of fresh ingredients, mayo, and a secret mix of herbs & spices. After you’ve tasted our Potato Salad, you won’t ever go back to the store bought stuff. Even the kids who hate potato salad love Mama’s Potato Salad.

Green Chili Mackers

Our most popular side is our Green Chili Mac N Cheese. Homemade Macaroni mixed with Hatch green chilies and american cheese. Get them as a side or order them as an entree loaded with all the fixings.

Cole Slaw

You can’t have a barbecue joint without serving up some slaw. Like all of our sides, we wanted our slaw to be made fresh from a recipe handed down from Abuelita to Abuelita, only thing is when we asked our Abuelita if she has a recipe for coleslaw she said “No Mames guey!” So we concocted our own recipe.

Mama's Chili Con Queso

Our Queso used to be only for special occasions, but now you can order Mama’s Chili con Queso anytime. A perfect blend of spice and melty cheese, try it with our Brisket, or use it to make some killer Nachos. Mama’s Chile con Queso will always run out, so make sure you hide some for yourself, or you won’t be able to make machaca burritos for breakfast the next day.

Green Salsa

Jalapeños, salt, and lots of love. We have always had a deep love for Chico’s special green salsa. This is our take on a Borderland must have. Try it with our fresh made tostadas and a cold beer.

BBQ Sauce

Made in house using our brisket spice, and a few secret ingredients, one of which is chile de arbol. It’s a slightly sweet, slightly spicey perfect compliment to all of our smoked meats.

Chips & Queso

Get a 4oz serving of our fresh made Chile Con Queso and a serving of tostadas.


Pan dulce bread Pudding

This is our specialty dessert. We get day-old pan dulce from a local bakery, chop it up and allow it to dry for 4 days before we mix it with custard and bake it into a delicious cake that is absolutely a flavor that is the Borderland. We top each slice with fresh whipped cream, and candied pecans.