Sunland Park BBQ

Smoke Meat Every day 😉

If you are looking for a real El Paso Food experience, Sunland Park BBQ is here to grant your wishes. Taste the very best of Mexico and Texas in our family-owned food trailer located on the West side of El Paso, Texas.

As traditions pass on from one generation to the next, our cultures and food combine into an incredible masterpiece. And, just like our geographical location, our flavors are a melding of cultures and countries that can only be found in El Paso Del Norte.

We prepare our renowned West Texas & Southern New Mexico style BBQ by combining our abuelas traditional recipes with the smoke flavors of Texas. The result: the best South-West style barbecue you will ever taste!
But we do not stop there. At Sunland Park BBQ, we also serve up the best Southern flavors and favorite local sides, like Mary’s Charros Beans, Mama’s Chili con Queso, the best Sopita in El Paso, Nana’s Tortillas, and many more amazing tastes.

Our specialty barbaque is smoked for 14 hours, using wood, fire, and quality, locally sourced ingredients. We smoke local beef, pork, & poultry using New Mexican Pecan and Mesquite, infusing the flavors of New Mexico with our secret blend of locally sourced spices. And if this already sounds irresistible, wait until you try our unique and mouth-watering platters —aka. The Best BBQ Platters you’ll ever taste.

Don’t miss our delicious BBQ tacos, smothered in our house Queso, Smoke Carnitas, Brisket Sandwiches, fresh Quesadillas, or taste our special Bell Rio Grande Nachos (when we say grande, we mean it). And if you’re looking for something sweet, our Concha Bread Pudding made with fresh whipped cream & candied pecans will definitely knock your socks off.

We strive to achieve the smell and taste of a local family get-together, serving dishes that are not only beloved locally but also offer an authentic taste of our international region with the style that only our Sunland Park BBQ can inspire.
Just to give you a heads up, once you try our food at Sunland Park BBQ, there’s never going back. Believe us.

Catch our Sunland Park BBQ mobile food trailer all around El Paso, near Franklin Mountains State Park and I-10. And keep an eye on our Social Media to reveal our next location! If you smell delicious smoke meat and see lines of people waiting around the block, you’ll know we’re in town.

If you are in the mood to enjoy the best far West Texas BBQ with your loved ones, we are here for you! We have different options for you to choose. from pickup and takeout to online ordering and delivery. And if you want to take the best BBQ to your celebration or special occasion we have the best BBQ catering in El Paso.
The hardest part will be choosing which of Sunland Park BBQ’s unique tastes to try first!


And, wait! We have exciting news coming up…

If you want to join us with your food truck in our very own Sunland Park food truck venue, submit your information here! Incredible and delicious things are bound to happen in the food truck community.